The Kings of Misogyny

This post was first published on 18 September 2013. We republish it here via the Internet Archive’s Way Back Machine.


Today we came across @TheReturnOfKings; Twitter handle of a website of the same name. I am not going to link to it for reasons that are more than obvious.

This is a shot of his Twitter timeline:
The links take you to his blog. It promotes itself as a dating help site. It is in fact full of misogynous content like the following:
With “advice” of this quality:
And just when you thought it couldn’t be more offensive:

Another article is titled:

Which includes the following:
And this:
You can imagine the rest. However, what you might not expect is the following biography:
I didn’t click on the other two links offered (“All Girls…” And “Russian…”)., as I think I have presented enough material to convince you this page deserves our Offender of the Day status.
I also think a more correct description of this site and its authors should be “specialises in encouraging rape, cruelty and the general hatred of women.”
#shoutingback #stillnotshuttingup


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