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How to Prove a Game Is Neither Offensive, Misogynist or Transphobic ….


#339 Because “she’s a dude!”

#339 Because “she’s a dude!”

Twitter is just full of “harmless” humour based on the denigration of women. Those who indulge in this kind of “fun” generally dislike women pointing out that such humour is not “harmless” but contributes to a culture of misogyny and violence. To prove that their humour has no relation to misogyny they do this by insulting, harassing and attacking the women in question. Patriarchy is anything but self-aware.

The tweets featured arise from objections to a Twitter “humorous” game known as “cock or no cock” which uses the hashtag #CONC. There is also a Twiiter account @Cockornocock. The aim of the game is self explanatory, so I will limit myself to noting that playing “guessing” games based on looks is a favoured patriarchal tool for imposing its gender roles and rules.

Objections were raised by trans women who felt that this “game” reinforces the prejudices they face daily. The insults that they received from its defenders are the usual misogynist mix of insult, denigration and mockery. You guessed it. To prove that they the game was neither offensive, misogynous or transphobic they resorted to offensive misogynous transphobic language.

As always, we send our #solidarity to all those targeted.

#Misogyny and #harassment from @ Juneaviators

#Misogyny and #harassment from @ Juneaviators

Meet June Dürr.

Nov 2014 5

He thinks the best way to defend Julien Blanc is to harass the creator of the #TakedownJulienBlanc HT. Just to show that Mr. Blanc and his followers really respect women and his opponents are just humourless.

Obviously he isn’t very good at logical thinking.

Mr. Dürr is outraged to hear that there is hashtag calling out Julien Blanc for misogyny, harassment and let’s not forget…

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