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From Ridicule to Death Wishes. Misogynists’ Behaviour Patterns

This article was first published on 11 October 2013. We republish it here via the Internet Archive’s Way Back Machine.
You will probably remember the Kings of Misogyny aka @ReturnofKings who we wrote about last month.
Today we learned that they had a new project on Twitter:
As their biography states, this account exists to collate something they call “#fatshamingweek” tweets. This “week” appears to be aimed -suprise, surprise- at ridiculing and inciting scorn and hate at women:



In general, the tweets are as unpleasant and unamusing as those coming from the original account:
However, they also seek to harass those who object to their “hilarity”:
This link takes you to a post by a body positive blogger named Amber, who was understandably not very impressed at the idea of a campaign to shame women (read it here: http://adiposeactivist.wordpress.com/2013/10/10/fatshamingweek/)
Thanks to the diffusion by this account, it is not long before someone decides ridicule is not enough and moves on to wishing the critic dead:
We send our solidarity and support to Amber.
#EOM #shoutingback #stillnotshuttingup


The Kings of Misogyny

This post was first published on 18 September 2013. We republish it here via the Internet Archive’s Way Back Machine.


Today we came across @TheReturnOfKings; Twitter handle of a website of the same name. I am not going to link to it for reasons that are more than obvious.

This is a shot of his Twitter timeline:
The links take you to his blog. It promotes itself as a dating help site. It is in fact full of misogynous content like the following:
With “advice” of this quality:
And just when you thought it couldn’t be more offensive:

Another article is titled:

Which includes the following:
And this:
You can imagine the rest. However, what you might not expect is the following biography:
I didn’t click on the other two links offered (“All Girls…” And “Russian…”)., as I think I have presented enough material to convince you this page deserves our Offender of the Day status.
I also think a more correct description of this site and its authors should be “specialises in encouraging rape, cruelty and the general hatred of women.”
#shoutingback #stillnotshuttingup