So A Misogynist Writes a Software Programme

NOTE: This was first published on 19 October 2013. We republish it now via the Internet Archive’s Way Back Machine.



… to collate lists of Twitter addresses. Being a misogynist he decides to do a test run entitled “Girls I’d Shag”.



All does not go to plan and before he knows it:





Meanwhile, women with these names are receiving the following notification:


Unsurprisingly, a number of women are unimpressed by this cyber stalking.


Others point out that he is adding underage girls to his lists:


But, being a misogynist, he doesn’t realise how offensive or how threatening his behaviour is. To him, it’s just a joke.



Probably because, to him, receiving this kind of notification wouldn’t be threatening. It is unlikely he has been raped, or sexually harassed or stalked. One in three women are victim of sexual violence in their lifetime. This means a large proportion of these women will have been subjected to male violence.

Some women found receiving such a message funny. Others informed us that it had given them anxiety attacks or flashbacks.

Here’s the thing: setting up a list called “Girls I’d Shag” as a test run for software is misogynous. It is not the fact that the programme escaped from his control that has provoked this post. It is the fact that this man thought  this was a good way of testing his software.

He did not reflect that the women he chose to add to a public list called “Girls I’d Shag” would perhaps be upset or frightened by his actions. Or he didn’t care. Because, after all, as a misogynist he is used to seeing women merely as objects to use, rather than as people to respect.

As far as we can see, he has twenty such lists at the moment.

If you are on one of these lists, you can remove yourself by blocking him. #solidarity #shoutingback

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