EOM Mission Statement

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1     ABOUT US

1.1  End Online Misogyny (EOM) is run by a small team of passionate women   who are committed to ending online misogyny, which is symptomatic of a wider culture that demonises and silences women: employing abuse, threats and other forms of harassment and bullying tactics aimed at, or specific to, our sex and/or gender identity. We assert our basic human rights to access public spaces and online spaces and to use our voices

1.2   This campaign was inspired by two women’s personal response to the rape and death threats issued to Caroline Criado-Perez’s campaign to ensure that the Bank of England follow Equality legislation when choosing who will appear on bank notes.

1.3   End Online Misogyny and No More Abuse were two separate accounts both created on Friday 26th July, in response to the tsunami of abuse, rape and death threats that Caroline received in the wake of the success of her campaign. Both accounts had identical missions: to highlight the widespread and violent nature of online misogyny and abuse; EOM did this by retweeting examples of online misogyny and abuse, No More Abuse recorded abuses and blogged them.

1.4  Both accounts were repeatedly suspended within 12 hours of active tweeting whilst abusive accounts, despite reports to Twitter, remained active. We received widespread support from men and women highlighting the need for this campaign. Many of these messages were conveyed privately because many women and men were afraid of being targeted for harassment themselves.

1.5  Following various appeals to Twitter, both accounts were finally reinstated on Monday 29th July.  Both founders, hitherto unknown to one another, came together to form EOM.

1.6  We are a very diverse range of women who come from a range of cultural backgrounds, have varied experiences, working commitments and caring responsibilities. Many of us are campaigning on a multitude of issues that affect women, however, this campaign is specific to ending online misogyny, bullying and attempts to silence women.

Definition of misogyny: a person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women


  We want to see an end to misogynistic abuse online and everywhere.

   We highlight examples of misogynistic abuse that we see or are tweeted to us.

  We will report to Twitter or if necessary the police anyone, regardless of sex or gender, who issues misogynistic threats or intimidating/abusive behaviour designed to frighten (whether  the threat is realistic or not). We recognise that women can also display misogynistic behaviour.

  We encourage women to #SHOUTBACK at abuse and threats.We provide a space where women on the receiving end of abuse can share their experiences. We encourage everyone to #SHOUTBACK and stand with women who experience misogyny. We understand that  not all women feel they can #SHOUTBACK using their real names or twitter handles.  We can record women’s experiences and share them anonymously if they are emailed to us.  We can do this by obscuring/blurring/scoring through the woman’s name and avatar, or highlight examples brought to our attention without sharing who did so.


3.1 Have you experienced misogynistic abuse? You are not alone. Most women at some time experience misogynistic abuse. Everyone in our team has had years dealing with online and offline abuse and slurs. We are here to highlight that, regardless of any woman’s political stance. Even if we don’t agree with you personally we will highlight any abuse you receive.

3.2  If you have been the target of online harassment, abuse and misogyny, we know and understand how distressing it is.  We, as both a campaign and individuals have been targeted online. If you are based in the UK and are experiencing online abuse and harassment, please consult our guidelines on what to do is you are being stalked and harassed online, which have been compiled in consultation with digital stalking expert, Jennifer Perry.

We speak for all women and are #shoutingback and #fightingback

3.3  We will not make judgements about any woman regardless of how they identify, live their lives or their political views. All women experiencing misogyny are deserving of our support. We will not enter into debate or discussion around semantics or political differences, participate in victim blaming or add to the challenges already faced by women under the patriarchy. We are not a debating forum nor are we here to reinforce, undermine or represent the views or policies of any other organisation, group or individual.

3.4  Please note that we do not trawl the Twittersphere searching out examples of online misogyny and abuse; we retweet and blog what is sent to us by our followers. We act in good faith that what is sent is genuine as we do not have the time nor the resources to research every single tweet. If we find that anyone is submitting examples of online misogyny in a way that deliberately misrepresents the tweeter involved or in a deliberate attempt to smear our campaign that user will be blocked and reported.


4.1  We tweet/retweet (RT) intermittently in order to highlight examples of online misogyny, sexism, abuse which is gendered and targets women. We also tweet/retweet examples of racist abuse aimed at women of colour, transphobic abuse aimed at trans women in addition to articles, blogs, news specific to all women in the context of misogyny, sexism and violence against women.  We believe that all forms of violence against women are both cause and effect of a misogynistic culture; a culture that we wish to see an end to which would liberate all women and allow us to speak out without fear, venture out into public spaces both on and offline without fear, to be treated with respect and as equals in all spheres of life, including in our homes.  Online misogyny and abuse is one aspect of a continuum of violence against women which aims to control our behaviour.

4.2  The retweeting of, or omission to retweet, communications sent to us should NOT be seen as bias toward or against any specific organisation, group or individual or philosophy aside from refuting misogyny. When the context of the tweets sent to us is clear we will RT them. We  will not RT tweets in which women are merely insulting one another or are in disagreement about certain issues. The misogyny needs to be clear in the tweet. Please note that any screencapped tweets sent to us from protected accounts will not be retweeted.


5.1  We will flag up any graphic and extreme threats, language and abuse that are distressing and triggering with a CONTENT WARNING (CW) prefix. We are highly conscious of how upsetting it is to witness and experience misogynistic abuse. We recommend therefore, and indeed practice ourselves, self-care. If you find our tweets too distressing, we suggest that you unfollow and refollow when you feel able to. We will screencap where possible so that our followers can make a decision as to whether or not they wish to the view the content. A list of organisations where you can find support is provided on our page here.

5.2  We aim not to send out examples of misogynistic abuse tweets en masse, as this not only clogs up timelines but seeing a stream of this and any other types of abuse can be extremely upsetting. We aim to collate a selection of the worst offenders of the day, which will be tweeted via a link to our website.

5.3  We will collate examples of online misogyny and add them to our website to demonstrate the magnitude and effects of the ongoing inequality experienced by women.


6.1  Our aim is to stimulate discussion and amplify voices speaking out against misogyny, therefore we prefer to not have to resort to blocking users. However, we have no other choice than to block anyone found using our campaign with malicious intent, abusing and exploiting it to further their own agenda, repeatedly abusing, misrepresenting, smearing, and defaming us or spamming EOM with tweets which clearly fall outside of our remit.

6.2  Anyone victim blaming or employing misogynistic language, abuse and threats about any woman whose misogynistic abuse we have highlighted, questioning our policy, aims and objectives will be blocked.  It is not misogynistic to highlight the misogynistic behaviour of women.

6.3  Anyone found to be maliciously sending us knowingly misrepresentative examples of online misogyny and abuse for their own purposes will be blocked and their details noted and reported to Twitter.

6.4  We will not discuss with third parties why a certain person has been blocked. If they have been blocked, it has been with good reason. This is a matter for us and the individual concerned. We will not foment gossip or criticism of any woman.

6.5  Anyone we blog about highlighting their misogynistic behaviour, abuse, language and attempts to silence, threaten and intimidate women is blocked.

6.6  Do not tweet to us if you have been blocked.  We have blocked you for a reason and will not engage further nor respond to others @-ing you in to get our attention.


7.1   Why aren’t we including the abuse of men?

We have been asked why this campaign has not been extended to include the abuse of men. We believe that the abuse of men is unacceptable but our sole remit is to highlight misogyny.

7.2    Are we trans inclusive?

Yes.  We recognise that trans women face misogynistic abuse, including attempts to silence them,  and we are committed to highlighting this.

We will not be drawn into further discussions on this subject.

7.3   Why aren’t we campaigning against the real oppression of women in                   <insert country here>?

We support all those who are campaigning to end women’s oppression. Many of the EOM team are engaged in feminist activity elsewhere. However, the remit of this account and campaign is to primarily challenge online misogyny and abuse.


WE WILL NOT engage in debate with anyone about political or  philosophical viewpoints, feminist or otherwise. WE WILL NOT enter into discussions about our aims and objectives.

WE WILL NOT enter into dialogue with misogynists – neither will we reply to  abuse, threats, bullying or intimidation. However, we WILL retweet them and report the abuser to the relevant authority if necessary.

WE WILL NOT knowingly assist misogyny and/or patriarchy by dividing women or causing hurt or upset to any woman, be that an individual or a group which represents women from any background.

WE WILL NOT be used as a conduit for groups in disagreement with one another, nor as a platform for different factions of Twitter users to demonise any one woman, group or groups of women.

WE WILL NOT enter in dialogue with anyone about whom we follow, who we choose to engage with, whose articles or blogs we link to or other content therein.

WE WILL NOT act as referees in any dispute. We ask that you do not include us in any disagreements. Continual @ing us inappropriately, particularly in said disagreements, will result in the user being blocked as outlined in our blocking policy.

WE WILL NOT respond to any questions or challenges about why we have supported a woman who is receiving misogynistic abuse and threats. Supporting a woman who has been the target of misogynistic abuse is not an endorsement of her views, it is a condemnation of misogyny. We take the stance that refusing to support a woman because she did something that you do not like/agree with is victim blaming. We will not countenance this in any way, shape or form. It is in itself misogynistic.

WE WILL NOT enter into dialogue around the definition of the word misogyny against women and trans – we adhere to the definition as stated.

WE WILL NOT engage with anyone we have blocked nor respond in any way shape or form, regardless of the nature of the tweet, to tweets @-ing those whom we have blocked. If you have been blocked by us and persist in @-ing us in, we will treat this as harassment (see 6.6 above).


9.1  If we feel that our campaign is not best suited to challenge the abuse you have brought to our attention we will forward your tweet onto another more relevant campaign.

9.2  We acknowledge that all oppressions intersect. However, this campaign is specifically aimed at challenging misogyny. If we receive any tweets which we think are more appropriate for the above campaign groups, we will forward them on. It’s nothing personal so please don’t take it as such. We support them too!

9.3  If you feel that we have missed anyone from the list, please contact is via email or tweet us. Thank you.


You can contact us at any time using @misogyny_online or endonlinemisogyny@gmail.com or via the contact form.