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Racism and Misogyny: Such a Predictable Combination

This was first published on on our blog on February 23, 2014 . It has been reposted here via the Internet Archive Way Back Machine.

No contest for today’s award of misogynist of the day:






This appears to be an account set up with the aim of insulting and trolling. We have reported it for spam and hope you do the same.

Everybody Knows Women are For Sale and Other Choice Phrases

First published on our blog: September 22, 2013 rescued thanks to the Internet Archive Way Back Machine.


Without question @ BettorOffSingle is our offender of the day.


How Dare You Be Offended! It’s Just a Joke

This post was first published on our blog on February 26, 2014. It has been rescued and republished thanks to the Internet Archive Way Back Machine

I am sure someone who actually knows something about English language culture can tell me who Pérez Hilton is. For now, I am just going to file him under “self-righteous misogynist”.

He made this comment:


As a “joke”. Because referencing a racist misogynous stereotype is hilarious.

And when people -and by that I mean women of colour- complained, his response was so typically misogynous it could serve as a manual:

1. It was a compliment; how dare you take offence?


2. I get to decide what’s complementary not you hysterical women:



3. Don’t like it? Take a mouthful of my “manhood”. That’ll shut you up.


4. Because pleasing men sexually is the only way women could possibly be powerful. And did I say shut up?



5. And anyway, my penis is huge.


6. Repeat the “joke” in order to capitalise on the offence caused and, above all, to make sure everyone knows how unimportant he considers the feelings of the women of colour to be:


Yes. All hilariously funny gags on misogyny and racism. Perhaps he would be better sticking to making them about his personal situation seeing as his ability to satirise that of others is about zero.