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Feminazi: The Power and Problem of a Word

The word “Nazi” derives from the German term Nationalsozialist. The party was formed in response to communist uprising within the country following World War One. Their roots were is nationalism, racism, populism and paramilitary culture. They were responsible for the Holocaust (the roots of this word is from the Greek for “whole” and “burnt”). Six million Jewish people were slaughtered. That’s two thirds of the Jewish population of Europe at the time. One million of these were children. But the Nazi Party did not just target Jews. Anyone who did not fit with their idea of perfection would do. It is estimated that the Nazi’s were responsibly for intentionally murdering over ten million civilians and prisoners of war.

I’m sorry if I’m telling you things you already know. It is one of the most horrific episodes of recent history and something we should all know about. It is something everyone should remember and fight hard to ensure it never happens again. It should never be denied, diminished or joked about. The murder of millions should never be undermined.

And yet, I feel I need to write about it; that it is indeed, being diminished and undermined.
I present to you the hilarious insult of “feminazi”. Femin

There are many feminists and misogynists on social media. Disgustingly, this phrase has been used by both parties. Maybe less surprising, are the misogynists who use this “insult” to a feminist seeking equality, in the belief that they must wish to eliminate or remove the rights of men. Hang on a minute, surely the use of that word would mean they wish to starve and murder all men?

Pfft. Anyone with an ounce of common sense will recognise the utter nonsense in this. Add another ounce of it and you will begin to feel the outrage at the utter contemptuous use of the word “nazi” in this context. Women arguing with men, whether hating men or not, does NOT equate to a racist, paramilitary, nationalist wanting to murder millions in cold blood. Are we recognising how ludicrous and offensive this term is, and I mean, offensive to those who were the victims of the Nazi regime?

Who would think equality could be so controversial, eh? Continually, we are faced with comments such as “Feminists are just man haters, out to destroy us, blah, blah, blah” simply for daring to think we deserve fair treatment. Shockingly, there are quite a few feminists living happily with men and successfully raising boys, in fact, astoundingly, feminists are from a wide variety of backgrounds. Yes, really. They are not all the white, middle class, feminists that they are accused of being. These accusations only deny their life experiences and situations.
Let’s take a look at the other group. Feminists themselves. One feminist doesn’t agree with another or perhaps does not recognise the issues another is raising, for example a feminist who believes their work is done and women have equality; women today should be grateful with how things are etc. Or maybe, a feminist has been insulted and they respond passionately, standing up for themselves. Suddenly, they’re labelled a “feminazi”. femin2

I cannot contain my anger.
Someone has a different view to you? Horror, they’ve used a swear word? They haven’t followed your “well meaning” advice as to how they should handle a situation that is their experience? Even if all of those were put together, how could it even begin to compare to the systematic, horrific and diabolical murder of millions?

The Nazi Party raped and murdered. Repeatedly. Over and over again. Day after day. Month after month. Year after year.

How dare you diminish the experiences of those families? How dare you compare their suffering to an outspoken woman on social media? How dare you use a word with such horrific connotations without the slightest consideration?
For those that have failed to research the etymology of the word, it may interest you to discover that the word was first used publically by Rush Limbaugh, an American radio talk show host. The word has strong connections with the pro-life movement. He used the term to describe women who marched for the rights of women to choose what happens with their bodies. Hitler too, removed choices for women and decided they belonged at home making and raising children. As far as I am concerned, the word should be entirely banned. It’s horrific. However, it seems that those who coined the term have more in common with the philosophy of the Nazi Party than a woman speaking up passionately about being a human being too.

Words are powerful. Words deserve respect. Think wisely on how you use them.

[This post was written for EOM by the lovely @booksanddance
We want to thank her for her allowing us to publish it]