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Misogynists Defend Rapist Shock

Misogyny and Violence from @ jedisuperdog

Shock, horror….misogynist blames women for misogyny

A Selection of Misogyny From June 2014

Offensive images and memes:

From the “any excuse to criticise a woman” camp:

From #opspamblock this week:

From the “headless women as a marketing tool” school of misogyny:

General misogyny, racism and insults:

PUA Harrassment from @ redpilltweets

EOM Website Is Up and Running Again

EOM’s webpage has been off-line since January due to serious technical problems. We are back now, but unfortunately a large number of our previous posts have been lost. In the next few weeks we will be trying to repost as much of the old stuff (that we have on other formats), so please bear with us while we do it.

You can still see our work on other social media sites:

Our media and blog round-ups are being done via! See:

Finally, we are also still on Twitter @misogyny_online. But please note, we are unable to monitor this on a regular basis. As a result, if you need to contact us, or want to send us any examples of online misogyny, please use the submission form on this site or alternatively email us:

#Racism #misogyny #harassment #rapethreats

A Snapshot of Harassment

“The Funny Sexist”. Because being murdered, raped, battered and shamed is hilarious