Affected By Our Tweets And Need Support?

Our tweets and retweets can be distressing and triggering.  If you are affected by what we tweet, here is a list of UK organisations where you can get help and support (please note that the bottom of the page provides a link to where you can get support outsidde the UK):



Mosac (supporting non-abusing parents of sexually abused children)

We have been advised that Trade Unions can support women who are the target of on-line misogyny from outside the workplace and who find that this affects their ability to carry out their jobs.  The TUC has a list here.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, if you feel that we have missed any out, please let us know via our email address.  Thank you.

Outside the UK

Here is the Pixel Project’s page which lists resources from across the world where help can be sought if affected by domestic and/or sexual violence.